food diplomacy through the story of a meal

Butchery and the need to cook

Roux-en-y surgery reconstructs the size of the stomach and then bypasses the large amount of the small intestines to accelerate digestion.  My jeweler-like surgeon has a fine hand and immaculate precision.  You can look at him and see the exceptional detail work he does in his profession, but he was probably like that as a small child working on models and reconstructions of anything he could get his hands on.  Somewhat a fine butcher of sorts.

My new stomach and reconfigured small intestines are settling in nicely, they are responding to the amount of yummy liquids that nourish me, however my mind and heart are missing the diversity of food that living in Southern California provides.  I tempted myself today with a visit to Whole Foods.  Many may say, “what a stupid thing to do given you can’t eat.”  But I miss being around the food, the choices, the options.  Staying away for almost two weeks was all I could endure.

I walked the market, I purchased some items that can bring back to my love of food and cooking and to incorporate new ways of eating.  I will not tip the hat to the first dish, but let’s just say it takes me to India via the gastric bypass lens.

Part of this new process will bring me closer to the source.  I plan to take a butchery class so that I can learn how to carve protein and to learn something new.  Chicks with Knives is run by two women chefs with a commitment to sustainable, organic, local and ethical food.  They offer butchery classes, pickling classes, and a monthly supper club. From their website, they say they do what they do because, “We love food and care about where it comes from and how it is prepared. We do this because we think you think the same way and might enjoy what we do. Come join the party.”

Feeling sad about not being in the kitchen and cooking or baking until my heart’s content, I decided today to make dinner for my family.  Weird not being able to taste the pasta with sausage, carmelized onions and mustard cream sauce, but I also made a pureed wild mushroom soup to hold me over.  Happily, it was absolutely devoid of any of the canned food that I have had to live on since June 1st. Viva the sharpest knife in the kitchen and cook who knows how to use it.

Photo credit: David Lebovitz


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