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Love Story of the Week – My Parents

The depth of my father’s love and dedication to my mom is omnipresent, but this week it was his 15 minutes of fame.  She passed away in the early morning on July 8, 2002.  We were with her as she took her last breath.  Even though she left us that night, my father’s devotion to her continued as if she was still with us.

Weekly visits to her grave site, the walls of his home filled with pictures of their life together, to the giving of her middle name to our dog.  All of these events keep her alive and present in a way that made his loneliness a bit more tolerable.

On her birthday and on the anniversary of her death, he has placed a tribute ad in the Los Angeles Times. Just a few lines to share with the world in a public love letter.

On a chance encounter with Steve Lopez on Monday, they chatted about life, loss, and the radical changes to daily journalism.  My father, Steve, and the editor of the Los Angeles Times lamented their losses, whether personal or professional.

One small article gave a snow-capped gent a moment in the son to profess his love for his late wife and to connect with long lost friends.

Today, an editor of the Huffington Post called to expand the article for their “Good News” section about the story.  As the headline states, “LOVE STORY OF THE WEEK“.

A lovely moment coming a few weeks after their 50th anniversary and just before dad’s 82nd birthday.