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A new chapter

Today,  I will be undergoing Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery.  It is a permanent re-configuration of my stomach and small intestines.  Yes, permanent.  I have been preparing for this since January so it is not a quick decision.  For me, the biggest change will be how do I cook, plan, smell, taste, and experience food in the ways that I have in the past with the new rules.

In order to process this, I have frequently visualized either traveling to Paris, eating in Little India, walking the local farmer’s markets, and then trying to put together recipes which take into account the elimination of sugar, fat, and white carbohydrates that are on the “avoid” list post-surgery?  Will I ever get to eat a French macaroon, a baguette, pomme frites from Chez L’Ami Louis (fried in goose fat), veg samosas, and all the other favorites on my list?  What if the answer is “no”?

This blog will take you on the journey with me.  Reviewing the many blogs and video diaries of individuals who have also walked this path, I will tell you what you won’t see here:  (1) before and after photos; (2) recipes for “protein” shakes that will fill my plum-sized stomach starting on June 4th; (3) recommendations to use infant or toddler-sized cups and dishes.

What this blog is about is living a life filled with healthy, beautiful and low-fat food that enriches the soul, the palette, and the stomach.  You will see how the food is both prepared, recipes, and displayed so that sustenance and sustainability are incorporated into every meal.

This blog is for the self-described “foodies” who love all kinds of good, healthy, fresh food and who have had the same surgery.  I have not found recipes or musings about eating fresh and local food rather than strategizing which low-fat or fat-free processed product is best.

I hope that my resources and links, along with recipes and questions will be of interest to the WLS community.  For those who want to know why, it is simple.  I have done very drastic modifications to my body to stay alive based on the genetic roll of the dice.  Now I want to move beyond the hacking of my body, to be in it a different way and to consider the aesthetic aspects of a rich and full life.

Welcome to my journey.